Mecca is a supplier of services and products for the printed circuit industry.

Presently the services we are offering to the printed circuit industry are: 

Printed Circuit Exchange  This company lists, finds and sells pre-owned printed circuit manufacturing equipment.  

Direct Recycling Inc, Is dedicated to providing the industry with competitive recycling services of the residual materials generated in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. 

Chemcut Chem Clean Line731x445pg 1 dr ad copy"Can You Find This ist page" Each month we are offered many pieces of equipment to post on our web site. A lot of this equipment is older technology and some usable for spare parts only. If we posted all of the equipment presented to us our site would be cluttered with pictures of equipment. Mecca designs and generates it's own web sites in house, to keep current it requires constant revisions and republishing. This is why in order to find what you are looking for you usually have to visit many web sites and pages of equipment. Only after finding what you need, you are told it is no longer available. Our aim is to make it easier and quicker for you to find what you need. Let us do that work for you. By using the link "Can You Find This" You will go to a electronic transmitted "CAN YOU FIND THIS' request. Fill out the form click on SUBMIT, it will be transmitted to us. Your data is kept safe and encrypted using SSL (Military-grade encryption). With this information we will quickly research your request and notify you of it's availability. You are also invited to add equipment or materials you wish to sell to our data base by using the link, PC Industry Data Base. Should you have any suggestions or want to assist us in generating this new industry service please e-mail.

These services are managed by Robert Fidrych and Martin Lieberman having over 30 years of experience in the sales of materials, services and equipment to this industry. We employ selective local representations to be assured of total customer satisfaction. Please continue to view this site to get a better understanding of our company.

For pricing or additional questions contact: 

Martin Lieberman - 847-922-7782

Bob Fidrych -727-385-2247 -

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